Saturday, 6 December 2014

aussie pt 4 - sydney


parking ticket
-- AUD 6 for 4 hours

their system is as such:
2P is maximum 2 hour parking
4P is 4 hours
you can park anywhere to the left of this sign (sometimes there's no parking box)
but cannot park anywhere to the right of the sign

sydney glass island a.k.a party vessel
they put on extremely loud music

the people mover
not kidding, that's the name for this train :D

best part about not being in malaysia:
i get to be really crazy

apparently, my dad says they're famous
haven't yet googled 'beat the streets'
very entertaining :)

one of the beautiful govt buildings

st mary's cathedral.
when we were passing by, bells were ringing.
maybe there's a wedding :)

gallipoli mosque
the biggest mosque in australia

i have a perpetual love for cities on/near water.
therefore, it isn't surprising how quickly sydney appeals to me.

we wanted to park somewhere near sydney opera house,
but surprise surprise --
our car is too big.
plus, parking is hard to find.
we ended parking near the botanic gardens
and had to walk around 15 mins
with the sun directly above us before we get there.

it's actually not so bad (for me),
the view from the botanic gardens is much more rewarding.
we also get to see more events:
there was a wedding with the opera house in the background,
there were people picnicking
and also some writings in the air.
all i can read was hashtag, the rest i couldn't understand.
so dreamy though :)

arrived at sydney opera house,
took pictures, and shop for souvenirs till i drop.
i know that we could probably get cheaper souvenirs elsewhere,
but we just don't have the time
and the quality is better, too.

got on a water taxi that took us from the sydney opera house to darling harbour.
AUD 15 per person, quite pricey for a 10-min ride.
but we got to see sydney from the water!
and i kept thinking,
how stinkin' rich these people might be
if they can afford to buy houses alongside the water in sydney..

watched a street performance at darling harbour, by 'beat the streets'
it is at this moment of the trip that it feels very holiday-like
because i'd never stop to watch street performance back in kl :P

after that we got a taxi back to our parking spot,
drove over to gallipoli mosque
performed our prayers,
and was given a baklava by a turkish man.
he kept on saying that he loves malaysia and malaysians so much,
but he hasn't been here, yet.

after that it's off to port macquarie where we will spend the night.
another full 4 hours journey.

i've added sydney to my visit list.
and this time, i will do it properly.

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