Saturday, 29 November 2014

aussie pt 1 - melbourne



so. much. LAND!
*says one who comes from a peninsular, not a frickin continent*

extra form to fill up d/t ebola scare

picking up our home/car for the next week

i wonder what it feels like to live in a place where flowers are blooming just beside the streets

my cherry bombs

first time seeing a tram. well, it seems to run on some form of electricity.
*clue: captain america

pretty tram

they say australia has one of the best coffee
true that.

i would write up little tidbits about each city and our journey,
why 'tidbits'?
because i don't have the time to write long ramblings that no one reads --
so those, i will keep to myself.

touched down at melbourne airport,
the immigration line was longggg.
picked up our motorhome,
drove over to queen victoria market.
nice and cheap place to shop,
but closes early - at 2 pm.
we arrived late.
bought cherries at 8 dollars for 1 kg.

now, i'm not a cherry eater - never been a fan of them.
but i bought 500g of them and once i popped it into my mouth --
i was hooked.
the cherries were red, juicy, sweet; i couldn't get enough of them.
bought another half kilo of them, even that isn't enough.
we bought cherries elsewhere, too, but could never compare to the ones i bought here.
oh dear God.
i would die for those cherries.

we then walked around town, rode one of those free trams,
which are meant for tourists but jam-packed with everyone.
i slept on it.
melbourne was interesting,
but i was just too tired.
i hated myself for sleeping. sigh.

after 45 mins on tram, off we went to albury, where we will spend the night.
we stopped at a mosque for prayers,
and a nice sheikh lead us to a pizzeria for dinner (plus breakfast and lunch).

when the people who went to visit first-world countries say that the toilets are clean,
they're not joking.
i could sleep on the floor of their toilets.
and i'm not joking.

the drive was long, took us probably 6 hours.
we arrived near midnight.
but we got to stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere
(which means, i don't know)
and got ourselves a cuppa.

we spent less than half a day in melbourne.
that warrants a visit again, sometime in the future.


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